I am Íris Garcia

Founder of Earth Body Medicine

My first languages are Nature, writing and movement.

Woman, mother, animal, pilgrim and care giver of wild places, endlessly questioning the cultural threads that bind us.

I am a Somatic Trauma Therapist, eco-somatic movement and yoga educator, doula, herbalist, ecologist, artist, traditional iberian healer, recolector of medicinal, ritual and artistic traditions. Researcher of the intricate connection of body, Earth and the sacred, focusing on iberian proto history, it’s animism and xamanism.

Caregiver of the fertile places within soul and soil, through movement, therapy and ritual.

Constantly nourishing sensitive presence, active listening and creating relationships.


My basis formation is contemporary literature, theater, contemporary and traditional Northern african dance. Additionally, I am trained in Somatic trauma therapy, somatic movement, yoga, doula, coaching and emotional intelligence, permaculture and medicinal herbalism.

Between 1999 and 2010 I have studied with Shokry Mohamed (Egypt and Spain), Paula Lena Karima (Argentina), Yumma Mudra (France), Farida Fahmy (Egypt), Gabrielle Roth (USA). Having performed nationally and internationally. I have produced  10 collective performances colectivas with about 60 women each andi 6 solo ritual performance pieces. I have completed my Yoga teacher training in Austria in 2008.

Both my formation and skills evolved by training as a Doula, Coach, Somatic Experience trauma therapist and somatic and eco-somatic movement educator.

I have become a doula in 2007, having studied with Naoli Vinaver, Michel Odent, Liliana Lammers and  Barbara Harper.

I became a coach and emotional intelligence practitioner in 2011, at ECIT with Isabel Ferreira.

I am an Somatic Experience practitioner, Peter Levine’s method of somatic trauma therapy, having studied with Liana Netto and Sónia Gomes (Brazil). Presently I am studying psychotraumatology with Liana Netto and Cecília Laureano (Brazil).

I am a trained permaculture designer, Terra Alta. For the past two years I am complementing my traditional and medicinal herbalist knowledge with training at the Evolutionary herbalism school (USA) and Lucy Jones (UK).

Earth Body Medicine

I believe that the Art, Therapy, Spirituality, Ecology and Philosophy have  close intricate connection. This is the basis of my work, being it therapy, dance, ritual or self-development.

Throughout all of my work, my aim is to develop a sensitive capacity to be present by simultaneously listening to oneself and what is happening around us. My understanding is that Life is cyclical, like Nature, and when we truly tune in with a notion of circular rather than linear time we may embrace in a more encompassing way all aspects of our human experience, develop resilience and a sense of purpose and belonging. We are able to rewrite our narratives and our collective journey.

Íris Garcia 

I am the co-founder of the project Senhora d’Azenha, a retreat center located in Sintra, Portugal.

I have co-created the Feminine consciousness, with Lila Nuit; Bruxia project with Sara Baga e o Therapeutic Trance project with Baltazar Molina.

I am the co-founder of the collective Teia da Terra, an ecological  activism collective actively working to support populations and ecosystems affected by Portugal’s wildfires, prevent fracking, oil exploitation and lithium mining in Portugal as well as supporting the Guarani Kayowá native communities in Brazil, the freedom to exchange seeds and reforestation.

I have two decades of practical and theoretic experience in iberian animism, xamanism and archaic mythology. To this day I still study both european and South american shamanism, having been initiated as Medicine Woman, in 2008, by the Chilean abuela Luz Clara Camus.

I have taken part in the Glastonbury Goddess Conference since 2015 and co-organized the 2018 portuguese Goddess Conference. I have co-produced the visits of Kathy Jones and Starhawk to Portugal. I have been a speaker at Boom festival several times.

I have written for the Ophiussa magazine, participated in the books Defend the Sacred by Tamera community, From the Ancestors by Ron Whitehead and am a columnist at the Wind and Water magazine.

In Sintra, Portugal, I have co-founded the Senhora d’Azenha cooperative for art, therapy and eco-spirituality as well as the human ecology collective Teia da Terra. I am part of the Remembering the Bones project, teach at portuguese macrobiotic institute and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.

Presently I teach and offer therapeutic sessions online, in Portugal, United Kingdom and Brasil.

As a personal practise I walk in the wild forest and sea shores, gather, grow and prepare medicinal Plants. To inspire, heal and nourish.

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