All souls night:
We are the ancestors of tomorrow and the descendants of yesterday.
In this light, what are our choices?

How do we honour death and departure as part of a renewal cycle in our daily lives and actions?

And, I dare to ask, as witches, what do we commit to? Earth takes care of us, so did our ancestors otherwise we would not be alive.
How do we care for Earth and all beings, for witches are the ones with the land, from the land and so with all life cycle and everyone.

Weaving balance throughout all relations, visible and unvisible. Known and unknown.
And balance is not an endless summer, an endless happyness. It is the spiral, the cycle embracing everything without exception.

This Samhain, may we undress our masks instead of putting then on.
May we offer parts of our food and ourselves to our relations. May we forgive and be forgiven.

May we be like water: lower than all things yet stronger than the rock.

May water fall, winter come, cold and pure.
So that all that lives : birth- transformation- death- renewal may endure.

We are all related, relatives and relative.
May we bless and be blessed
Before, now and ever