Body Bone Stone

the living bio-mythography of soil and soul

☼ 6 day in person intensive immersion

earth based mythology, philosophy, spirituality and art
eco-somatic movement
deep ecology

Have you attended the Wild Pathways Body Earth Imagination online immersion?
Then, this journey is for you.

Our purpose is to explore, unravel, discover and re-create our animist biography, both individual as collective, human as organic.

Understanding myths as a way to translate what is witnessed both in soil, soul, sky as continual yet differentiated throughout time.

Through eco-somatic movement, walking within the rich land of Glastonbury and circle dynamics we will unfold what is Earth, Body, self, collective, as open questions more than defined answers.

Developing sensitive presence, therefore exploring the intricate inter-connection of physiology, psychology and ecology. Perceiving geography as alive, myths as dynamic natural language bridging the human to all the complexity of elements in the web of life.

Listening to what emanete, to the emergence of presence, of all that surrounds and sustains our individual existence.

Why does this matter?

This immersion is meant to be paradigm changing in the way we relate to our body, the Earth and each other. Together, we shed values that are dysfunctional as we recover, through embracing simplicity, our place not as the center of existence, but as part of it, learning to sit with all the fertile questions that arise from here.

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