As the eclipse moves through the sky
May we remember:
We do not shine alone, we are a shining star amongst stars.
We do not stand alone, we stand from Divine Earth with countless brothers and sisters of all kinds
We are the fathers and mothers of all that is.

As the eclipse moves through the sky
May we commit to recognition
Of all of our invisible relations:
The animal and the plants we eat become who we are,
If they can offer their life to sustain ours what can we do to thank and give to them and to others in this profound measure?
The water we drink becomes blood, the air we breath becomes the life moving us along the way.
Do they ever complain? Criticize? Judge? Then, why would we?
May we be like water and air, offering themselves kindly, to all, no exceptions.
May we smile gently at strangers, honnour the mistery everyone carries in their heart and the mistery in all beings.
May we shine like the Sun, to all, no exceptions. Knowing when to rise and when to set.
May we embrace ciclicity and change with surrender and awareness, like the moon.
May we honour the cosmic fertile darkness, all that we do not know or understand.
Like Earth, may we give further more then we ask for and care with compassion and wisdom for ourselves and all our visible and invisible relations.
As the eclipse aligns sun, moon and earth may we align actions, thoughts and feelings. Align ourselves as a thread of the sacred web of life. Align our own good with the good of All.
May our pain guide us and others in compassion as we become, patiently, wisdom medicine.
May we commit to Grace and Gratitude
All my Love