ECO-SOMATIC EDUCATION practises Somatic education is a practise of nervous self-regulation that aims to support the nervous system. By stimulating a healthy physiology we develop coherence: homeostasis, balance as health both mental and physical. About the practise: Each session is unique. Throughout a weekly online practice we will deepen our capacity to be embodied and [...]
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Wild Pathways-En

Wild Pathways : Earth Body Creativity immersion series online earth based mythology, philosophy, spirituality and art eco-somatic movement deep ecology What is this immersion? I do not want to call this journey a course.  It is an immersion into direct subjective reflection and experience with the Earth, the body, the psyche and imagination as living [...]
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Earth Body Somatic Education

☽ Weekly or Biweekly sessions
In these weekly sessions we will work with our body’s sensitive anatomy, in order to promote self-regulation of the nervous system and amplify our state of integrity, which translates into health and presence.It is a guided practise, yet filled with space for each one to feel how each invitation is accepted or not by the body at each moment.

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Animist Biography

In some native tribes the 13 years cycles are revered as being times that signal fluxes and specific journeys in each human being path of Life. Adulthood is reached at 52 years old and until then we are gathering experiences that time will transform into wisdom.

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Trauma Therapy SE©️

The body stores memory, implicit (non-verbal) or explicit (verbal). This memory shapes our perception of reality. Through a very careful work of body consciousness we return the body to it’s original integrity, allowing us to feel more at ease, confident and present. Gradually, we increase our inner resources, release trauma and conditioning through natural movement expression and new possibilities of being, feeling and sensing arise. This is an important work to re-negotiate trauma and cultivate resilience.

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Ways of the wise wilderness

These walks are meant to restore our direct relation with the living Forest as crucial Life source, grounding our spirituality so that our sense of sacred is no longer abstract but rather concrete and very much alive, all around us. Expressed in the land, animals, plants, stones, bacteria, funghi, wind , water, star light, all that composes biodiversity.

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The Wild Way

Body, Symbolism, Creativity and Ritual
Sexuality, fertility, birth, healing, death and mysticism (initiation)
In the south European and celtic-iberian shamanic traditions

With Íris Garcia and Lila Nuit

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Earth Body

This is a 4 day long intensive training, the first part of a three week program. It can be done in sequence with the following two weeks or taken independently. We will work in depth with eco-somatic movement and ritual trance dances, both in wild Nature as well as within the circle space.
With Íris Garcia
Guest teacher Baltazar Molina

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