Ritual Art

Art arises from humanity history as a bridge to understand Life, uniting the spheres of daily Life, the body, the psyche, emotions and spirituality. Art, Healing, Life and Spirituality coexist in the same action, enabling us to understand that as below, so above, as within, so around. Our inner development supports collective evolution, our healing heals our relations and the Earth  by changing our choices and behaviours. This ancestral notion is inspiring and maybe nowadays more urgent and necessary than ever before. We need to recover, with humility, perseverance and honesty the true archetypes that will guide us as they offer a sense of purpose, presence, integrity.  So that we may, thoughout our path in Life, repair balance, truth, connection and become life care givers instead of consumers.

The Wild Way

Body, Symbolism, Creativity and Ritual
Sexuality, fertility, birth, healing, death and mysticism (initiation)
In the south European and celtic-iberian shamanic traditions

With Íris Garcia and Lila Nuit

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Earth Body

This is a 4 day long intensive training, the first part of a three week program. It can be done in sequence with the following two weeks or taken independently. We will work in depth with eco-somatic movement and ritual trance dances, both in wild Nature as well as within the circle space.
With Íris Garcia
Guest teacher Baltazar Molina

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I do not want to call this journey a course.
It is an immersion into direct subjective reflection and experience with the Earth, the body, the psyche and imagination as living forces.
This journey will foster your self-knowledge and offer insights that you can enrich whichever spiritual and/or teaching practice you do.


Have you attended the Wild Pathways Body Earth Imagination online immersion? Then, this journey is for you.
Our purpose is to explore, unravel, discover and re-create our animist biography, both individual as collective, human as organic. Listening to what emanete, to the emergence of presence, of all that surrounds and sustains our individual existence.

The Nettle’s Heart

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On Earth, Body and Medicine : eco-philosophy, Earth spirituality, herbalism, eco-somatic bodywork, art and therapy.

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