Ritual Art

Art arises from humanity history as a bridge to understand Life, uniting the spheres of daily Life, the body, the psyche, emotions and spirituality. Art, Healing, Life and Spirituality coexist in the same action, enabling us to understand that as below, so above, as within, so around. Our inner development supports collective evolution, our healing heals our relations and the Earth  by changing our choices and behaviours. This ancestral notion is inspiring and maybe nowadays more urgent and necessary than ever before. We need to recover, with humility, perseverance and honesty the true archetypes that will guide us as they offer a sense of purpose, presence, integrity.  So that we may, thoughout our path in Life, repair balance, truth, connection and become life care givers instead of consumers.

The Wild Way

Psycho-magical dances and altered states of consciousness through movement in ritual feminine dances, sexuality, fertility, birth, healing, death and mysticism (initiation) in the south European and celtic-iberian shamanic traditions.

With Iris Lican and Lila Nuit

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Therapeutic Trance

Trance dance training, from a therapeutic which is simultaneously therapeutic, artistic  and spiritual (ritual and devotional). This is a journey of three intensive weeks, that will bring you essential tools for embodiment, self-regulation, self-development, creativity and spirituality.
With Iris Lican and Baltazar Molina

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Taster weekend – 27th to 28th April 2020
Becoming Green: dancing with the thriving resilience of the smallest seed1 to 7 June 2020
Becoming Ground: dancing with the fertile shadows and the dust of bones21 to 27 September 2020

@ Glastonbury Goddess Temple, UK

Wild Medicine Dance is a training for those wishing to develop their connection with the Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Earth and all beings. We will work with dance, movement, barefoot walking, vision, creativity, deep ecology, myth re-writing, Earth and Women’s cyclicity, magical and medicinal herbalism, psycho-magic, the wheel of Medicine and circle wisdom.

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