Animist Biography


In some native tribes the 13 years cycles are revered as being times that signal fluxes and specific journeys in each human being path of Life. Adulthood is reached at 52 years old and until then we are gathering experiences that time will transform into wisdom.

In this journey of 10 sessions we will be working with each 13 year cycle, from conception to the seventh cycle. Walking through the line of the past, present and future in order to observe  and write our biography, redefine our choices and seed the future qualities of whom we wish to become.

It is a work meant to recover gifts and integrating challenges. We will be working with Medicine Plants and Power Animals.

☼ The sessions may be Online, in Nature, on our therapeutic space in Sintra (Portugal).

Duration: 60 minutes

☽ Frequency: sporadic, weekly or fortnightly

More info:

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