Earth Body

eco-somatic movement immersions

with Íris Garcia
Guest teacher Baltazar Molina

We are Nature, Nature is Us.

We have a body which is interconnected with all Life and all of life’s processes (birth, life, death, transformation, regeneration).

Ancient cultures danced as a spiritual practice. Dance and song are living, active prayers – dynamic meditations that honour the core of silent freedom and take you beyond roles, into the essence of Being.

In this training we will explore the body as animal, as a part of nature, raw, pure, wild. 

We will merge into the organic world and recover how it mirrors and maps our physiology and therefore our psychology.

We will work with the senses, ages, seasons, cycles, space and body structures and their intricate relations with the natural world and it’s elements.

Exploring how ecology and humanity are necessarily connected in our body language and felt sense.

Our approach to the practise of trance dances and ritual drumming is both traditional as well as therapeutic and shamanic. We understand trance dance as being a very effective ancestral response to address somatic trauma. Through dance we merge in a non-verbal space of memory, that enables us to repair the unseen yet present forces within the body and the psyche. Through this practise we stimulate self-regulation of the nervous system, strengthen the body-mind well being and create resilience, health and spiritual awareness.

How does it work?

This is a 4 day long intensive training, the first part of a three week program. It can be done in sequence with the following two weeks or taken independently.

We will work in depth with eco-somatic movement and ritual trance dances, both in wild Nature as well as within the circle space.

This is a work open to men and women, with or without previous dance and movement experience. It can be lived as a self knowledge experience or it may complement the professional skills of bodyworkers, therapists, dancers and yoga practitioners.

☼  How long? 4 days from 9h30am to 5h30 pm

☼  Maximum number of attendants: 10

☼ Where: Sintra, Portugal

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Eco - Somatic Movement Program
  • Living Earth and Nature as home and body, before socialization
  • Anima: Soul, Animal and Spirit
  • Sensitive listening as the first essential perception
  • The 5 realms of Life on Earth and their body expression:
  • Mineral: skeleton, structure, limbic system, memory
  • Fungi: central and peripheral nervous system + Essential understanding of charge, discharge, self-regulation and resources    
  • Bacteria: digestive and visceral system, visible and subliminal inner landscapes 
  • Vegetal: breath, emotions and listening to the subtle sensations + The cycle of seed to fruit as a life-death life journey
  • Animal: heart, blood and muscle. Power and vulnerability, action and pause 
  • Power animals journey: insects, fish, reptile, anfibia, birds, mammals and humans
  • Wounds of Earth and of Self: to feel the Earth and the Heart in unity
  • Voice, wind, sound, word
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