Earth Body Somatic Education: Weekly Practises

Sensitive presence, Mindfulness in Movement, Inner ecology


In these weekly sessions we will work with our body’s sensitive anatomy, in order to promote self-regulation of the nervous system and amplify our state of integrity, which translates into health and presence.

It is a guided practise, yet filled with space for each one to feel how each invitation is accepted or not by the body at each moment.

We will develop somatic sensory resources that support the physiology and our psycho-emotional well being, in a time/ space of intimate and fluid relation with our body, the Earth that supports us and the air that breathes us.

We will work with all organs, tissues, systems and viscerae in an integrative manner fostering respect by the needs of each body. Always carefully re-establishing parallelisms between the organic body and the wild living Nature that we are part of as complex animals.

Being embodied allows us to recognize that we belong to the Earth and therefore our lives, being here and now, have a purpose. To deepen the perception of our bodies, releasing charge and amplifying interior space positively affects our physiology and mental well being.

Each session is unique and we will always be taking with us tools that we may add to our daily life naturally and without effort.

☼ The sessions may be in Online, in Nature, on our therapeutic space in Sintra (Portugal), at Senhora d’Azenha, Sintra

☽ Weekly or Biweekly sessions

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