Earth body


To inhabit the Earth and accept our body is a sovereign way of owning our lives.

It is to develop the sense that we are meant for this time, this place, these challenges.

It is to recover life purpose through embodiment, observation and communion with the Living Nature of Earth and Body.

☼ This is a 10 session follow-up. In Nature and in the therapeutic space Senhora d’Azenha in Sintra, Portugal

Duration: 60 to 120 minutes

☽ Frequency: weekly or fortnightly

Map of the sessions:

  • Living Nature as home and body prior to social conditions
  • Anima: Soul, Animal and Spirit
    Listening to the sensitive as first essential perception

The five realms of live and their expression in the body:

  • Mineral: skeleton, structure, limbic system, memory
  • Fungi: central and peripheral nervous system + Essential understanding of charge, discharge, self-regulation and resources
  • Bacteria: digestive and visceral system, visible and subliminal inner landscapes
  • Vegetal: breath, emotions and listening to the subtle sensations + The cycle of seed to fruit as a life-death life journey
  • Animal: heart, blood and muscle. Power and vulnerability, action and pause 
  • Power animals journey: insects, fish, reptile, anfibia, birds, mammals and humans
  • Wounds of Earth and of Self: to feel the Earth and the Heart in unity
  • Voice, wind, sound, word
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