Medicinal Sweatlodge


You do not go into the sweat lodge,
it is the sweat lodge that comes into you.
You do not take Medicine
It is the Medicine that takes you.
The Sacred does not belong to you
It is you that belong to this Sacred Earth, this Sacred Life.
Enter humbly, with openness and gratitude.
The sweat lodge is not an experience
It is a living being that will transform and reveal
who you truly are.

The sweat lodge represents a return to the womb: the womb of our mother and the womb of the Great Mother Earth.

A return to the fertile darkness where we have been generated, through which we are daily nourished and to which we shall return. The sweat lodge is the bosom of the Primordial Mother, Mother Earth and cosmic Mother Night.

Here we are completely in touch with the space of Life-Death-Renewal.

Through sweating we start a process of deep somatic cellular cleansing, we expand our psycho-emotional space from the habitual ways of being and surrender to whom we are meant to become.

The sweat lodge is a sacred millenar ceremony that has been celebrated worldwide, in different times and slightly different forms. Presently, we are more familiar with sweat lodges from the north and south american traditions but we can find evidence of sweat lodges in Europe since pre roman times, and, in some  countryside areas, they have been used until present times.

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therapeutic benefits of sweat lodge


– detox and regeneration of all organs and body systems 

– cellular regeneration

– cardio-vascular revitalization

– purification of the respiratory system 


– healing the birth trauma ( as daughter/son and as mother)

– Harmonizing with Life: choosing to be fully alive 

– release of the conscious or unconscious desire to die

– harmonizing the relation with one’s body and encarnacion 

– conscious expression and relation with one’s inner shadow

– recognizing the wounds behind the impulses of fight/ flight/ freeze and choosing how to act consciously

– dealing positively with fear, anxiety, stress, urgency, pressure and recover the important messages of self-revelation each of these emotions have to communicate

– releasing sexual traumas

– resolution and liberation of somatic memories, conscious and subconscious

– develop a natural relation with life- transformation-death-renewal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level 

– support the clear choice of whom I become, what I do, think and feel

– harmonize familiar and close relationships

– enhance your capacity to perceive your sensations and your pleasure to be alive

– develop the capacity to deal with situations of emotional intensity

– increase self-esteem and express your inner power

– express boundaries while creating resources to respect them as well as respecting the boundaries of other people

– allow authentic expression within a safe space

– make space and time for oneself while harmonizing your rhythm to the demands of your worldly life

– be present and embodied

– identify which thoughts, beliefs and value systems are constructive and which are destructive, cultivating the first and releasing kindly the second

– Create inner space to listen to ourselves, our needs and gifts

– recognizing our power to bring forth learning and healing to and from every experience

– develop a sense of belonging to oneself, to Earth and Life

– trust what we can’t control

– develop the capacity to open our vision and bring that vision to fruition through our actions

– finish what we start, release what we cannot hold

– develop the capacity to give and receive in reciprocity and to accept what is 

– create a sense of self-support, emotional sustainability, and learning when to give, ask for and receive the support we need

– understand clearly that we are part of the living Mother Earth and therefore we are inter-connected to all beings of all species, families and generations

– honouring the fact that we have a purpose and allow Spirit to speak to and through us

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