The Wild Way

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Body, Symbolism, Creativity and Ritual
Sexuality, fertility, birth, healing, death and mysticism (initiation)
In the south European and celtic-iberian shamanic traditions

With Íris Garcia

As a Medicine Woman and Dance Artist I know from experience that performance is ritual.

When we surrender ourselves to Art as Medicine we no longer represent something, we are not actors, we fully become the elements we interact with, creating while being created by Life force.

«What we Love, We are.»

We are the flowing Water, the Wild Wind, the soft Earth. We are the thunder restoring balance through chaos. We are a living offering to the power of consciousness in it’s absolute mystery.

The Wild Way is one of the many designations of one of the most ancient european shamanic paths. The witches dances in the woods are part of our imaginary and their practises awaken us to a space where Nature and humanity co-exist inseparably. This is a recovery of memory, of Magical Arts, of belonging and mostly of recognising ourselves as daughters and guardians of the living Earth. Reclaiming the creative and healing power that weaves the thin web that embraces all that is, while transforming reality through movement, imagination, art and action.

It is a journey of 13 moons, where in each month we will meet one weekend, in our women’s circle, to work with our bodies, the Earth, the Soul. Living the cyclicity of the seasons, of time, and of our inner landscapes as well as natural ones.

«How might a mystical journey into wild land begin?
“The old and distinctly peculiar mazy dance is one way in, an archaic form of ritual born out of some of the most obscure initiations ever to take place on the granite moors. A mazy dance exists to hide the land, distract the dancer and  and confuse the progress of the dance. (…)
The mist Magic that they weave with their feet might be defined as an elusive alchemy. Tooth, bone, twig and stone, feather, bell, mirror and shell, hair, horn, ash and thorn, seed, shoot, resin and root; all are cast into the constant motion of their dance and and swirled around with ancient power until a potion is made that contains the very essence of this secret land. Mist moving across morrs or mountains will carry this spell to travelling women, who may discover as they walk that their feet recall the ragged mazy dance. (…)
Bring on the storm, we shout into the darkening weather, it will not deter us! There may be tears and fears  and shadows coming but we are women who are going to survive!(…)
We offer ourselves up to the dance.»
Carolyn Hillyer 


  • Trance and ecstasy in the feminine european and celticiberic shamanism
  • The witches dance, the wild ways
  • The living Earth as essential home and primordial reference
  • History of trance dances and ritual pagan european ancestral dances
  • The evolution of symbols as a metaphor of forbidden realities
  • Animals, Plants and Trees: Medicine and spirituality
  • The solar and lunar wheel of the year and it’s influence on our bodies
  • The seasons and cycles of human life
  • The essential elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit
  • Lucid dreaming and trance: how to recover memory through imagination
  • Sacred geometry and the mystic architecture of the physical body
  • Power objects: shawls, fans, brooms, skirts, scythes, sieves, mirrors, cauldrons, masks, pitchers and boat
  • Bread, seeds, bones and blood
  • The magickal alphabets of the body
  • Prayer
  • Oracle
  • The poet: the medial woman archetype, she who assures communication between the worlds
  • Dance as confession and sacrament
  • The wind dances and to hear the inaudible
  • Skin, hair, nakedness
  • Creative writing
  • Illustration in movement
  • The body’s voice
  • Recovering instincts and senses
  • Invisible anatomy
  • Ectsatic poetry in the western tradition
  • The drum

How does it work?

Each theme of the program is aproached eitheir in half day session (9h30am  to 1pm) or full day session (9h30am to 5h30 pm)

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