Ways of the wise wilderness

night walks in the woods

These walks are a simple yet very profound practise of spiritual ecology.

To walk in the dark woods, observing the inner and outer world with sharp senses, between the visible and the invisible, allows to access with clarity to our intricate connection to the Living Earth, recognising that we are part of Her and she is our source of existence.

To walk in the wild woods returns us home, to Being in oneness with Earth, repairing our sense of belonging. We are Earth’s children and necessarily caregivers to all that lives and all our relations.

Through silent, ritual and meditative walking in the nocturnal forest we are able to realise the shifts of seasons, as we integrate the potential and fertile potential of the shadow in the night, soil and soul.

These walks are meant to restore our direct relation with the living Forest as crucial Life source, grounding our spirituality so that our sense of sacred is no longer abstract but rather concrete and very much alive, all around us. Expressed in the land, animals, plants, stones, bacteria, funghi, wind , water, star light, all that composes biodiversity.

These walks are also a safe place to learn how to, step by step, constructively deal with death, loss, darkness, fear, sorrow, intensity, the unknown, the inability to control while developing the capacity to be mindful and hold an embodied and peaceful presence, with all that may come as we walk our path.

☼ Open to men and women

☼ Maximum number of participants: 10

☼ Location: Sintra

More Info: info@earthbodymedicine.com
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