Wild Medicine Dance Trainings


2021 Dates:

☼Taster Weekend : April 24 and 25
☼ Week one, Becoming green: 28 June to July 4
☼Week two, Becoming ground: August 16 to 22

@Glastonbury Goddess Temple Teachings UK

About the Course

The Wild Way is at the core of the European magical and shamanic practises.

It is a practical philosophy based upon the embodied understanding that we are children of the Earth and therefore, caregivers, life preservers, wild woods guardians, medicine women and dream weavers.

Nature and the body being living temples through which we honour the Divine within all that is.

Our tribal ancestors viewed the body as an intricate part of Nature and the Human Being as a life preservers and seed spreaders, cultivating Earth as well as Heart.

In this training we will recover the myth of Wild Elen of the pathways, as an Earth pilgrim, storyteller, memory guardian, seed spreader and wild animal protector. As well as doubled faced keeper of the wheel of life: liminal guardian of the warm and luminous half of the year and of the dark and cold half as well. Midwife of Spirit, nourisher and great ripper.

We will, therefore, recover the witches dances in the woods, as a celebration of the Wild Mother and the mysteries of Birth, thriving, decaying, decomposition, renewal and rebirth.

Dance is the language of Nature, and the time of Nature is the time of the Soul, not the time of the world. By working with movement, rhythm and language we create new pathways of relating to ourselves, to others and to Life. Through dancing we learn to hear the unspoken language of Nature as Mother and source, we repair our sense of purpose and belonging.

We will experience the body as a raw, living and powerful expression of Nature, as primal therapy and essential spiritual practice. We will foster our felt sense and develop our capacity to access altered states of consciousness through movement and Nature connection.

Wild Medicine Dance is a training for those wishing to develop their connection with the Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, Earth and all beings. We will work with dance, movement, barefoot walking, vision, creativity, deep ecology, myth re-writing, Earth and Women’s cyclicity, magical and medicinal herbalism, psycho-magic, the wheel of Medicine and circle wisdom.

The training is divided into two parts, which are complementary yet independent.


All ways lead to the
Mother of Wild
Keeper of All that lives
Soil and Soul
She who carries the seeds
Green Woman
Dark crone
Of trees, of plants
Of stones, blood, bones
Pilgrim, walker
In fertile shadow
Midwife of the new born
Guide of the departed
Wild Medicine Dancer
May my heart and spirit work and thrive
For the greater benefit of the ancestors, the descendants
and all present relations

Life preserver: teach me the language beyond words of All that lives

In this intensive weekend we will be introducing the Wild Medicine Dancer intensive trainings through the practises of the Wild Ways of Elen:

– As in soil so in soul: merging into the Earth organic processes as the elemental essence of inner alchemy
– The Medicine Wheel
– Essential principles of the circle
– The web of Life
– Body Earth Medicine
– Conscious Movement
– Organic Dance
– Drum healing Cerimony
– Listening to the alive Wild Nature
– Walking with Earth and all life


Becoming Green: dancing with the thriving resilience of the smallest seed

  • The principles of the circle
  • The wheel of Medicine
  • The 5 realms of life
  • The 7 direction
  • Elemental practises
  • The 3 worlds
  • When the body was forbidden: recovering wisdom through unweaving the knots
  • Wild Elen of the pathways: repairing the wisdom of rebelness
  • Wild Nature walking
  • Drum healing
  • Fire and Water ceremonies
  • The Soul has a body: recovering the dance from within
  • Hearing the wild: the language of Green Life
  • Plant medicine: elixirs, florals and water preparations
  • conscious breath and power breath
  • Mindful Movement
  • Earth Body practises
  • experiential and energetic anatomy
  • organic movement
  • the elemental magick of the body
  • Creativity, intuition and instinct
  • Power animal dances
  • Initiation
  • The Sacred Blood of Womanhood and the ages of Women: ritual
  • The cycle of the seed
  • Wild witchcraft for restoring balance and preserving Life
  • Ascending: the journey
  • From Imbolc to Lammas: when the Earth is covered in Green


Becoming Ground: dancing with the fertile shadows and the dust of bones

  • The way of the Medicine Dancer: dancing, singing, story telling, praying, invoquing, spelling and enchanting as means of creating power and possibility
  • Practises of the threshold
  • Shadow and silence
  • inner alchemy
  • The filth eaters: essential medicine for collapsing times
  • Wild Elen of the pathways: repairing the wisdom of shadow
  • dynamic meditations
  • whirling
  • the story of ritual dance
  • trance dance, ecstatic dance and devotional dance
  • forest dance
  • water dance
  • Wild places guardians: becoming Spirit
  • Power animal dances
  • creating rituals
  • healing drum ceremonies
  • space, skin and center
  • Medicinal plants for purification practices
  • Wild witchcraft for letting go and ending cycles that destroy Life’s resources and renewal
  • Descending: the journey underneath, to un-become
  • From Lammas to Imbolc: decomposing and composting
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