Yes, in the deepening night a blazing fire burns
Yes, my unfolding body is all Earth
Yes, in a land where Love dwells war perishes
Yes, the calling returns and is not forgotten
Yes, the fire consumes unfading
Yes, it’s time to embrace intensity
The forge is phallus and womb and it’s Truth
We have but two choices to make: in every path
we either grow or die
Yes, my vulva’s Earth and sap and immensity
Yes, my womb is dark and full, it is pure soil
Yes, the phallus of this Animal Man God
Is Soul, Seed, Pollen, Semen, Heart
Only this living braid makes life burst    throughout the Earth
This is the fire of transformation
The fire of ardour
The fire of lust
The fire that reminds it is time
The calling is alive and it is here
Again we arise from within the paths
Weeds of the indomitable spirit
The time for primal truth has come
No metaphor, no sheperd, no messenger
Full-bodied will be our listening
The sovereignty in everyone and everything
Voice and body we shall be, consumed and reborn
We’ll be the destiny weaved here
In the fine all-pervading web
Across all relationships, bar none
Let there rise Green Life, spreading
Let there rise Deer and Boar
Let there rise the dignity that evokes me
I am daughter to the Mother that bore me
Let here my life be made with truth, courage,
We are goat-horned and goat-hooved
We’ve mud becoming skin
Resilience to steer ahead
Loose ground with no aridity
Pure sap turned blood and semen and flow
For we must come in order to exist
If we are not to come, we’re not to be
Love is learned when body’s river bed
Starry sky, fire, ash, dust
Tender rock

Passion and compassion through the night
By break of dawn to dusky evening set
Thunder will rip apart the Sky
Seed will tear apart the Earth
The wind in breathless blow
Shall bring grain, grass, and kernel
From our bodies, steady hands and touch
Grain will turn to bread
Earth and heart both are torn the same way
Where there’ s no space there’ s no fertility
Sex is not unto us, we’re unto It.
It is the will of Earth and Sky, of creation
Making Life, root, evolution
An offering that through us is manifested
Life force has no master and no edge
To stop it blooming
Maia is the sight of what’s to come
Of whom we will then come to be
Seeds are here laid
For the path we must create
Let here renewal’s echo be fulfilled
For only in defiance, loving fury
Does it spread.
So it was. So it Is. So it shall Be.
For those who were, those who are, those who will be
Let Maya be fulfilled, green and firm and soft and sap-filled
Let Young Man May rise and be free
Let Wild Life be made
And the Soul be rebel
So we may walk once more
In Beauty
Within the Earth

Poem by Iris Lican Garcia
Translation Joana Nobre
Photography Mizé Jacinto
Musical collaboration with the beat poet Ron Whitehead and Gabriel Walker